Our Practice Areas

Corporate Laws

We have extensive experience in Corporate Advisory Matters and a longstanding experience in structuring and drafting of commercial contracts, trademark licenses, master service agreements, supply agreements, agency contracts and franchisee agreements. We also assist our clients in the field of Corporate Litigation and Project Finance. We recently brought Capital Markets under the ambit of our practice and a dedicated team looks into the same.

Legal Audit

DUA' & DUA'S evaluates and reviews the operations of the client`s entity as per the existing legal environment. A legal audit is an audit of legally significant facts of an entity`s or a body`s procedures and operations. The legal audit exercise involves observation and analysis of the subject from a holistic perspective of the prevailing legal environment –applicable rules, regulations and specific laws. The results are then evaluated by an expert team which proposes required changes for rectification , followed by a client-specific Compliance Program for future legal immunity, to the maximum extent possible.


From a privately negotiated settlement to complex, headline-making trials that define what litigation is all about, we help our clients protect their businesses and assets.We are experienced litigators who obtain real, measurable results for our clients.

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution has been an encouraging area in commercial environment. Over the years our firm has made a significant presence in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution and has been able to provide quality services.

  • In an evolving regulatory framework like Banking and Insurance laws; our firm has been able to advice and address various clients in the ever changing dynamics of trade and regulations.

  • The firm with its dedicated team having a multidisciplinary approach has been able to put across and advice clients on apt and profitable solutions as well as litigation matters.

  • We have been advising our clients on various construction and infrastructure projects. We have an extensive experience and expertise in the field of drafting, documentation and negotiation of construction And Infrastructure projects.

  • Matrimonial and Family laws are one of the key areas of our law practice. We advise our clients on their personal issues and actively represents them before various legal platforms including family courts, district courts, high courts and the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Key areas of practice includes Divorce Cases, Dowry demand complaint cases, Domestic violence complaints, Police protection, Maintenance Petitions, Restitution of conjugal rights, Child marriages , Adoption, Guardianship , Personal laws , Inheritance and succession, Probate and wills and Partition suits.

  • The Indian Government continues to increase its efforts to uncover and prosecute white-collar crimes. And after the recent financial meltdown revealed the systemic fraud and a regular business practices in Indian financial institutions, the government is even quicker to enforce violations of law and regulations through the investigation and prosecution of cases, exposing the company and its employees to catastrophic penalities-ranging from steep fines to debarment and even jail time. The breadth of our white-collar defence experience includes a comprehensive understanding of the areas of law that gave rise to many enforcement actions and inquiries -securities fraud, bank fraud, criminal tax enforcement, health care fraud, government contract fraud, bankruptcy fraud and environmental matters.We have found that the best defence begins with compliance and corporate governance. An effective compliance program is a powerful tool in helping our corporate clients avoid the tangible and intangible costs of responding to a government inquiry. We work closely with our clients officers and key employees to establish a program that identifies practices that expose the company to civil and criminal liability because we have a long-standing professional relationships with decision-makers and law-enforcement agencies, we can create rigorous compliance programs that withstand government scrutiny. Our clients also regularly turn to us to conduct independent internal investigations.